Regulatory News

Regulatory News

First Pioneer Agreement Signed

12 April 2018

The Company enters into its first Pioneer Agreement with an Industrial Partner

Cronin Group, the AIM listed company focusing on digitizing chemistry, announces that following its announcement on 6th February 2018 that it had entered into Memoranda of Understanding ("MoUs") with two leading international life science reagent and chemicals manufacturers, it has now signed a full evaluation agreement to be conducted during 2018 with the first of these companies as part of its DigitalGlassware™ Pioneer Programme.

The Company's DigitalGlassware™ platform, comprising a powerful and easy-to-use software interface with a unique, low footprint sensor array, collects, stores and processes data generated from chemical experiments and allows access to reproducible chemistry via internet protocols. Data analysis need not just be performed retrospectively, but in real-time and a-priori, delivering back to the users, data which when combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, has the potential to dramatically increase reproducibility and provide unique insights.

Cronin has identified a select number of leading companies and institutions involved in the field of chemistry to participate in its pioneer programme. The purpose of the programme is to trial the Company's technology with the full range of target users, allowing the Company to observe its performance in different operating environments and locations worldwide. These observations will contribute towards future technology optimisation, prior to wider dissemination to target users. The Pioneer companies will also assess the performance of the DigitalGlassware™ platform, specifically to understand how it can help improve the outcomes of chemical processes, including precision and reproducibility, with an eye to how the technology can help in discovering/enabling new synthetic routes and chemical entities.


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