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Publication of Scientific Paper

Publication in international weekly science journal, Science, of digitization of multi-step organic synthesis

19 January 2018

Cronin Group, the AIM listed company focusing on digitizing chemistry, announces that its scientific founder and Non-Executive director, Professor Lee Cronin, has published in Science, the international weekly science journal, a paper demonstrating the digitization of chemistry for synthesis on demand.

The manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients ("APIs") is vital for modern healthcare, yet critical drugs are regularly manufactured for a finite period in a limited number of sites. To alleviate this issue, Professor Cronin proposes a concept whereby the large-scale manufacturing process of complex fine chemicals, such as APIs, is augmented by distributed, point-of-use manufacturing in self-contained cartridges requiring limited user interaction to produce the desired products on demand. 

Using some 3D printing methodologies covered in Cronin Group's patent US9643152, "Apparatus and methods for the preparation of reaction vessels", the authors demonstrated the translation of benchscale synthesis procedures into a step-by-step workflow that could be used to create digital designs for custom reactionware that can be fabricated by using three-dimensional (3D) printing technologies.

Professor Lee Cronin, Non-Executive director of Cronin Group, commented: "I'm very excited about the different market opportunities which the digitization of chemistry has the potential to open up."

The full manuscript of "Digitization of multi-step organic synthesis in reactionware for on-demand pharmaceuticals" can be found at


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