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Regulatory News

Publication of Scientific Paper

19 July 2018

Publication in top academic journal, Nature, of AI directed chemical synthesis robot

DeepMatter, the AIM listed company focusing on digitizing chemistry, announces that its scientific founder and Non-Executive director, Professor Lee Cronin, has published in Nature, a paper describing an artificially-intelligent organic chemical synthesis robot to explore a very large number of chemical reactions. Nature is one of the world's top academic journals.

Described in the paper, the 'self-driving' system, underpinned by machine learning algorithms, can find new reactions and molecules, allowing a digital-chemical data-driven approach to locating new molecules of interest, rather than being confined to a known database and the normal rules of organic synthesis.

Intellectual property rights associated with the paper are subject to the terms of the IPR Option and Royalty Agreement entered into between the DeepMatter's subsidiary, DeepMatter Limited, and the University Court of the University of Glasgow in August 2015.

Professor Lee Cronin, Non-Executive Director of DeepMatter, commented: "I believe this approach will contribute an important building block in the digitization of chemistry. It demonstrates real time searching of chemical space leading to the discovery of new and interesting molecules with valuable applications, such as new drug candidates. Use of this technology could result in cutting cost, time, and, crucially, improving safety, reducing waste as chemistry enters a new digital era."

The full manuscript of "Controlling an organic synthesis robot with machine learning to search for new reactivity " can be found at


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