Regulatory News

Grant of Options

12 March 2019

Further to its announcements of 25 February 2019, 7 March 2019 and 11 March 2019 ("Announcements"), DeepMatter, the AIM-listed company focusing on digitizing chemistry, announces that on Completion, options (EMI and unapproved) over a total number of 25,000,000 Ordinary Shares will be granted to Mark Warne under the Share Option Plan 2017 ("Options"). The exercise price of the Options is 2.5 pence, reflecting the issue price of the Placing Shares. Provided Mark Warne remains an employee, his options vest over 36 months starting from the commencement of his employment subject to the specific share price triggers set out in the table below being reached. All unexercised options lapse after 10 years from the date of grant.

Share Price Trigger (£) Number of plan shares in respect of which the Options may be exercised
None 3,750,000
0.04 3,750,000
0.06 3,750,000
0.08 3,750,000
0.10 3,750,000
0.12 1,250,000
0.14 1,250,000
0.16 1,250,000
0.18 1,250,000
0.20 1,250,000


Capitalised terms used in this announcement have the meaning (unless the context otherwise requires) as set out in the Announcements and the Circular dated 22 February 2019, which is available on the Company's website


For further information:

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Mark Warne, Chief Executive Officer
Stockdale Securities Limited T: 020 7601 6100
Tom Griffiths
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T: 020 3405 0209
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About DeepMatter:

DeepMatter's long term strategy is to integrate chemistry with technology, thereby enabling a greater use of artificial intelligence and reaching a point where chemicals can be autonomously synthesised through robotics. In the near term this involves the provision of an integrated software, hardware and artificial intelligence enabled platform, DigitalGlassware™, to scientists across research and process development sectors.

The DigitalGlassware™ platform allows chemistry experiments to be accurately and systematically recorded, coded and entered into a shared data cloud. The platform is designed to enable chemists to work together effectively; sharing the details of their experiments from anywhere and in real-time, so that work is not needlessly duplicated, time and money wasted, and ultimately so new discoveries may be made faster.

More information is available here: